Monday, August 9, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 58

Amen Dunes "Diane" Murder Dull Mind 12" (Sacred Bones) 2010
Dizzy Eyes "Sugar Cain" split w/Mode Moderne CS (Lust Nuevo) 2010
Electric Bunnies "Pretty Joanna" s/t 7" (Sacred Bones) 2010
Mac Blackout "Don't Let Your Love Die" s/t 7" (Sacred Bones) 2010
Tonetta 777 "Toronto Is Starting To Stink" s/t LP (Black Tent Press) 2010
Timmy's Organism "I'm A Nice Guy Now" s/t 7" (Cass) 2010
Chickens "Drug Life" s/t 7" (Siltbreeze) 2010
Pfisters "Kavachi" Narcicity LP (Fan Death) 2010
Metal Rouge "Helpless" A Fundamental Experiment LP (Semina Tapes) 2010
Common Eider, King Eider "When We Sewed Skins" Worn LP (Root Strata) 2010
Mike Cooper "World Slide" s/t 12" (Ethbo) 2010
Sean McCann "The World He Left Behind" Chances Are Staying LP (DNT) 2010
Western Standards "untitled" Energy Centre LP (Western Standards) 2010
Shit & Shine "Bass Puppy" Bass Puppy 12" (Badmaster) 2010
Billy Bao "side A, excerpt" Urban Disease LP (Pan) 2010
International Hello "8 Seconds" s/t LP (Holy Mountain) 2010

Sorry for the lack of reviews. Been busy. To anyone who sent out records or tapes, reviews will be posted soon. Promise.

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mono said...

still have broken water tickets? just listening to the podcast - 1/2 way through so don't know if they went by the end of the show.

thanks for your time.