Monday, April 12, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 45

Not a ton of time for reviews this week, so we're sticking to the essentials...

Two brand new ones this week from Pop Drones faves The Fresh & Onlys. The twelve inch on Captured Tracks is the band in fine pop form, while their one-sided seven inch on the Hell Yes! label is a much darker affair. Not sure why Hell Yes! released a one-sided seven inch for these guys, especially considering the vast amount they've released since their inception. You figure they coulda come up with another track. Kind of expensive once the euro and shipping is involved, so I can only recommend this to the die-hard fan. The F&O's have another seven inch due soon on another small-run European label, Plastic Spoon Records, based out of France. Pre-order that here. Of course, the long awaited LP on In The Red is due soon, as well. Vancouver fans can catch them with King Khan at Venue on April 11th.

Though it's not out for a few weeks, Matt K. Shrugg's new LP on Tic Tac Totally is shaping up to be one of those great summer records that stick with you until the bitter cold of winter arrives. Buncha new tracks dropped on his myspace, so if you've been following this cat's seven inches for the last few years, this full platter full o' amped up garage anthems is gonna hit the right spot.

In case you haven't heard yet, Blank Dogs is making his first appearance in Vancouver this coming Friday. I got a pair of tickets to give away on the show this Wednesday (the 14th), so tune in between 10am-113oam for yr chance. Gonna be a must-see show.

A note for all the Vancouver bands who are still looking to play Music Waste this year. Deadline for entries is April 15th, so get yr shit together and send some basic info here

submissions (at) musicwaste (dot) ca

Still looking for volunteers for this as well. Email the above to help put on Vancouver's best fest.

On to Episode 45...

Ty Segall "Caesar" Caesar 7" (Goner) 2010
The Fresh & Onlys "Garbage Collector" August In My Mind 12" (Captured Tracks) 2010
The Fresh & Onlys "Witchy Woman" s/t one-sided 7" (Hell Yes!) 2010
Matt K. Shrugg "Freak Out" Gone Ashtray LP (Tic Tac Totally) 2010
Crystal Swells "James" unreleased mp3, recorded 2009
Teenager "Louisiana Lounger" Show Me Pink LP (Telephone Explosion) 2010
Unnatural Helpers "Sunshine/Pretty Girls" s/t 7" (Hardly Art) 2010
Blank Dogs "Heat And Depression" Phrases 12" (Captured Tracks) 2010
Black Bug "Inside Out" s/t LP (FDH) 2010
Balaclavas "Roman Holiday" Roman Holiday LP (Dull Knife) 2010
Heather Leigh Murray "untitled" Jailhouse Rock LP (Not Not Fun) 2010 *reissue of Fag Tapes CS from 2007
Sun Araw "The Stakeout" On Patrol 2LP (Not Not Fun) 2010
solars "Flagstaff (live)" Mist CS (Prairie Fire) 2010
Infinite Body "Out To Where I Am" Carve Out The Face Of God LP (PPM) 2010
James Ferraro "F-150..." Last American Hero LP (Olde English Spelling Bee) 2010

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 45 here (right click link, then Save As)


David Glickman said...

Can you please explain why anyone would release a one-sided single at all? I just don't see the point in it.

Anonymous said...

for small pressings a huge chunk of the cost comes from plating each side of the record... as opposed to duplicating the copies themselves. cut out one side and you cut out a large percentage of the expense.

plus i'm sure some people just like the novelty as well... why not?

a d r i a n said...

Simply, an expression of brevity.