Friday, April 9, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 44

Thanks to the always vigilant ear of DJ Rick over at Art For Spastics, I was recently hipped to another great band from the San Fran area--Baths. Darkly woven psych-garage that's sure to impress some fans of like-minded bands from that scene (think the Fresh and Onlys' somber moments), though they certainly stand tall on their own legs. Sure enough, after Rick urged someone to press these guys to large-format wax, Woodsist has announced they'll be putting out an LP later this year, and Hozac will be releasing a seven inch, too. For now you can grab a self-titled cassette from Wizard Mountain, but I bet we can expect some of these tracks to appear on the forthcoming LP. Also, the band have a seven inch available on the hard-to-track-down Rad Key Records label.

Night People has been busier than ever, releasing over a dozen of cassettes over the last few months, not to mention the outstanding Broken Water LP. The Pheromoans follow up two well received seven inches with a tape of hissy, ramshackle DIY punk songs that sound like they fell off a Messthetics compilation. Definitely not as "polished" as the songs heard on those previous seven inches, but well worth the investigation nonetheless. Keep an ear out for an EP on Sweet Rot, and lathe cut split seven inch with Dan Melchior on Scotch Tapes and their debut LP on Convulsive.

Despite releasing a lot more vinyl than ever before, LA's Not Not Fun still have time for new cassettes, with two new notables by Dylan Ettinger and Edibles. Ettinger, who runs the El Tule label, had an earlier cassingle and seven inch on NNF and half a dozen cassettes on various labels, releases his most cohesive and streamlined effort yet. New Age Outlaws is a slow build of vintage synths that eventually mold into a laidback cruise through cities previously envisioned in William Gibson novels. There have been a long line of releases like this from Ettinger but this is easily his magnum opus and apparently his last statement in this style of futuristic soundtracking.

If Dylan Ettinger is in cruise control in the clouds of a fictional future city, then Edibles (aka Dewey Mahood of Eternal Tapestry and Plankton Wat) is drifting down a hazy, sun-speckled river of content. Crazy-echoed guitars slither around deep bass hits and pitter pattering bongs, evoking a stoned reggae seance far from urban annoyances. Definitely not what you'd expect to hear from the shredding guitarist who's best known for throwing down with heavy psych juggernauts Eternal Tapestry. Highly recommended, especially for fans of Ducktails or the lighter, reggae-tinged side of Sun Araw.

One last cassette to mention here is the recent Gnod release on NNF. Gnod have been slaying the UK with their intense bouts of hammering psych for several years now, meanwhile, they've released a few cassettes (most sold out) on psych-minded labels like Sonic Meditations and Sloow, not to mention a few self-released CDRs. Now Not Not Fun have managed to wrangle them in for two side-long blasts that'll blow yr scalp off by the end of each side. Look out for a 2LP release with White Hills due next month on Rocket Recordings.
This is probably the type of band that really needs to be seen live, so check the youtube clip below for an apporoximation...

Broken Water "Say What's On Your Mind" Whet LP (Night People) 2010
Baths "Sitting In My Room" s/t CS (Wizard Mountain) 2010
Pheromoans "Mock The Week" s/t CS (Night People) 2010
Guinea Worms "Drunk In Yr Uggs" Sorcererers Of Madness (4rd Year In A Row) 2LP (Columbus Discount) 2010
Virus "Nothing" split w/Dots 7" (Depression House) 2009
Lamps "I've Been On A Lot Of Camels" s/t 7" (Dull Knife) 2010
Rot Shit "Local Band Forever" s/t 7" (Columbus Discount) 2010
Nice Face "Garbage Head" Immer Etwas LP (Sacred Bones) 2010
Pink Noise "The Hallow Gods" Birdland LP (Sacred Bones) 2010
LA Vampires "untitled" s/t cassingle (self released) 2010
Tracey Trance "Fountain 1" Fountain CS (Night People) 2010
Terrorbird "We Were Monsters" We Were Monsters CS (Scotch Tapes) 2010
Edibles "Lazers" Super Space/Mind Peace CS (Not Not Fun) 2010
Dylan Ettinger "City Lights, City Streets" New Age Outlaws CS (Not Not Fun) 2010
Robedoor "untitled" Flatliners CS (Jerkwave) 2010
Gnod "Deadbeat Disco In Paper Error Shocker!" Science and Industry CS (Not Not Fun) 2010

Download Episode 44 here (right click link, then Save As)

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