Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oneida "Preteen Weaponry" (2008)

You won't normally catch me posting a highly anticipated album before street date, but the lack of presence of this on the internet, and the fake circulating on soulseek has caused me to break the norm of uploading only hard to find, OOP albums. Preteen Weaponry is the first part in a planned triptych of albums all meant to be played in a row. Why they didn't just release them all at once, we can only speculate (ie. is the world ready for a triple album of this magnitude? Is their wallet ready?).

The three fifteen-minute-ish tracks here are mostly instrumental and, apparently, improvised, giving the record a live feel. All the hallmarks of Oneida are present, including catchy, repetitive synth lines, skittering, ever-shifting drumming and plenty of wah guitar freak-outs. Rather than pummel the listener over the head, like they did with the monolithic first disc of Each One Teach One, Oneida are much more keen on taking the listener on a trip to the outer realms of kraut, prog, rock and noise. The feeling of Preteen Weaponry is that it is merely the launching pad to what should be a meteoric trilogy.