Thursday, July 3, 2008

Aja Rose + Gabriel Saloman-self released CDR (Edition of 50)



Recently I was lucky enough to nab a copy of the first (?) release between Aja Rose and Gabriel Saloman, which was limited to 50 copies. For those not in the know, Gabriel Saloman was one half of Yellow Swans, who, earlier this year, called it quits. Rumor has it that Gabriel will actually be moving to Vancouver (at least for awhile) to be with one Aja Rose. Aja is a member of of the local experimental group In Flux as well as the associated Her Jazz Noise Collective, which are both based out of our lovely city. The release here is a collaboration between the two lovers and one of the more exciting experimental releases I have come across all year. Some of the tracks resemble some of the more recent Yellow Swans releases, so there is a beautiful blend of feedbacking guitars and fuzzy drone which all coalesce into peaking waves of bliss.

A few of the other tracks (there are 5 in total) feature tinkering music boxes, humming trumpet, tape manipulation, thumb piano and heavily effected vocals, among other unidentifiable instruments. The result is not as mismatched as one may think, in fact, especially with Aja's dreamy vocal effects, a few of these tracks come off like dreamy Pocahaunted or Grouper tracks. Fans of those last two bands, Yellow Swans and any other bliss-drone groups will find themselves quite happy here. Now let's hope that these 2 start playing some shows here...

The package is pretty amazing, featuring a thin black card sleeve with some silky fabric sewed to the innards. A few copies remain here.



Anonymous said...

That packaging is delightful!!!

Mark E. Rich said...

Yeah, it is! Did you get a copy yourself? I would suggest grabbing a copy from Aquarius records if you don't have it.