Friday, July 11, 2008

The Goslings-Grandeur of Hair (2006) aRCHIVE

Front Cover
Back Cover


OK, kids, had to sneak in one more upload before I make my way down to the windy city for a week. Listening to the Sun Araw CD incessantly for a week, then comparing them to The Goslings (also here), got me thinking about their masterwork, Grandeur of Hair. I managed to nab this from the aRCHIVE site after reading several rave reviews across the net. I picked up several other of The Goslings releases over the next few months, but none came even close to pure fucked-up, over-the-topness of Grandeur. For the uninitiated, The Goslings are husband and wife team from Florida, and they have a rotating cast of drummers. She sings, they both play guitar. To keep this brief, the sound captured here (Grandeur was mastered by James Plotkin) is an incredibly fuzzed-out version of early Earth but much more melodic. Boris' sludgy doom releases, Absolutego and Flood come pretty close to the sound of this album as well. This is some raw shit. Burn it to CD and play this fucker LOUD. It is the only way to listen to it. Your computer speakers WILL NOT do it justice. This is highly recommended stuff here, folks.

I will hopefully have a few updates while i'm in Chicago, so ya'll check back now, ya hear?


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