Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Episode 109

Young Governor "I Wanna Girl From Wawa" V/A-Bloodstains Across Ontario 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co) 2011
Bare Wires "Right Time" V/A-Group Flex 4xflexi 7" (Castle Face) 2011
Total Control "One More Tonight" Henge Beat LP (Iron Lung) 2011
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys "Help" s/t 7" (R.I.P. Society) 2011
Cerebral Ballzy "You're Idle" s/t LP (Williams St) 2011
Speculator "Colleen" Nice LP (Underwater Peoples) 2011
Hype Williams "Farthing Wood Dub" Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II 12" (Hyperdub) 2011
Oneohtrix Point Never "Sleep Dealer" Replica LP (Software) 2011
Sean McCann "Broken Replicator" Open Resolve LP (Orange Milk) 2011
Ekin Fil "Can't" Language CS (Root Strata) 2011
Miles "Lustre" Facets 12" (Modern Love) 2011
Diamond Catalog "Ancestral Comprehensions & Acrid Predictions" Magnified Pallette LP (NNA) 2011
Charlatan "Svetlana" Voyagers CS (Overland Shark) 2011
Le Revelateur "Age Maze" Fictions LP (Gneiss Things) 2011
Caboladies "Counterfeit Reflection" Renewable Destination LP (Students Of Decay) 2011

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 109 here (right click link, then Save As, or click to play)

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