Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Episode 99

Grass Widow "Milo Minute" s/t 7" (HLR) 2011
Twerps "Anything New" s/t 7" (Group Tightener) 2011
Art Museums "S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G." s/t 7" (Dulc-i-tone) 2011
X-Ray Eyeballs "Po' Jam" Not Nothing LP (Hozac) 2011
The Whines "Shootinhead" s/t 7" (Mt. St. Mtn) 2011
Ty Segall "Falling Hair" s/t 7" (Drag City) 2011
Real Numbers "Pinckney St." s/t 7" (Florida's Dying) 2011
Korean Gut "If You Want" s/t 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
Nu Sensae "Eat Your Mind" split w/White Lung 7" (Nominal/Deranged) 2011
Ultrathin "Don't Mess" s/t 7" (Badmaster) 2011
The Men "Think" Leave Home LP (Sacred Bones) 2011
Black Pus "Butterfly Cave" Primordial Pus LP (Load) 2011
Naked On The Vague "Reflections Of Strangeness" s/t 7" (RIP Society) 2011
Hygiene "A Desirable Place To Live" Public Sector LP (La Vida Es Un Mus) 2011
Wet Hair "Radiant Lines" s/t 7" w/art booklet (Not Not Fun) 2011
Umberto "Put An APB On Those Bastards" Freeze! 7" (Not Not Fun)
Xander Harris "Hunting" Urban Gothic LP (Not Not Fun) 2011
Ford & Lopatin "Surrender" Channel Pressure LP (Mexican Summer) 2011
High Wolf "Free Your Energy Field" A Guide To Healing 7" (Bathetic) 2011
La Big Vic "Heyo (Silver Morning)" Actually LP (Underwater Peoples) 2011
Mark McGuire & Trouble Books "Floating Through Summer" s/t LP (Bark & Hiss/Wagon) 2011

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