Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Episode 98: Music Waste Edition

Same as last year, Pop Drones presents an entire episode dedicated to the Music Waste Festival. A lot of these tracks here are demos that have never been released on a physical format and have been taken from Soundclouds, Bandcamps and Myspaces, so be prepared for some of them to be on the rougher side.

Chains Of Love "You Got It"
The Godspot "At War In Pieces"
Peace "Quite Frankly"
Koban "Solid Gold"
Phonecalls "Tell Her No"
Yung Mums "Thru With U"
Korean Gut "Your Misery Our Benefit"
Bertha Cool "Sex Witch"
Womankind "Fang Fang"
Cowards "Together To Stop The Cake"
The New Values "Be Your Boy"
Chef Wigwam "CTC 101"
Harsh Words "Everything's Such A Mess"
Enjoy "Enjoying The Day"
Fuji Hakayito "Syliva Plath Pool Party"
Babysitter "Nineteen Sixty Nineties"
Bad Fate "Strathcona"
Keep Tidy "Kill Whitey"
Sutures "I Think You're Being Fucked By A Ghost"
Zoo "Bathhouse"
Tassels "Alternating Current Direct Current"
Robert Anton Pizza "Sleep Over"
Ghibli "Hollywood Snow"
Mass Marriage "So What"

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 98 here (right click link, then Save As, or just click to play)

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