Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Episode 92

Jaw dropping new cassette by San Francisco's Peter Berends as KWJAZ, just issued as the first release on Brunch Groupe, run by Joe Knight from Rangers. Two side-long tracks that ooze from one piece to the next, morphing from cosmic lounge music to slowed down cool jazz loops to warbled alien-like bossa nova excursions, all of it stitched together seamlessly across the cassette's forty-five minute run time. Initial batch of just over 100 copies sold out pretty fast, though Not Not Fun will be stepping up and putting it to wax sometime in the summer.

Daily Life "My Time" s/t 7" square flexi-lathe (Glass Coffin) 2011
Student Teacher "Faulty Stance" s/t CS (Geographing) 2011
Real Numbers "Tear It In Two" s/t 7" (Florida's Dying) 2011
Pheromoans "Newsagent Hop" My Mind Is On The Anti-Climb Paint 12" (Onec) 2011
The Feeling Of Love "We Are Out Of Tune" Dissolve Me LP (Born Bad)2011
Lenguas Largas "I Feel" s/t LP (Tic Tac Totally) 2011
Apache Dropout "Run Peacock Run" s/t LP (Family Vineyard) 2011
TV Ghost "The Inheritors" Mass Dream LP (In The Red) 2011
Holy Cobras "Night Fighter Part 1" Forever LP (Telephone Explosion) 2011
Predator "You" s/t LP (Douchemaster) 2011
B-Lines "In The Red" s/t 12" (Nominal/Deranged) 2011
Magic Jake & The Power Crystals "Brains Of Rats" s/t CS (Burger) 2011
Brain Flannel "So Dim" s/t 7" (Grave Mistake) 2011
Women In Prison "Births Of Rot" s/t 7" (Hozac) 2011
Iceage "Never Return" New Brigade LP (Dais) 2011
Homostupids "R Companion" Strawberry Orange Peach Banana 12" (Fashionable Idiots) 2011
Puffy Areolas "My Hell" split w/Purling Hiss 12" (Permanent) 2011
Providien "Followed By A Wraith" Followed By A Wraith LP (Amethyst Sunset) 2011
Ken Seeno "Driving Into Light Blustery Day" Invisible Surfers On Invisible Waves CS (NNA) 2011
Radio People "Sanctuary" Avalon CS (Centre) 2011
KWJAZ "Frighteous Wane (excerpt)" s/t CS (Brunch Groupe) 2011

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 92 here (right click link, then Save As)

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