Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 86

Hozac has hooked up a couple great LPs so far this year, with the most addictive being the new K-Holes full length (album cover above). Made up of a few members of Golden Triangle-- amongst a numerous other bands I can't gather much info on--the band combine thunderous, tribal drumming more than one drummer?), some voodoo sax wails and a bent take on surf rock. Moments of Golden Triangle's high energy pop up here and there, but this is certainly not the party music that their day job have become known for. Dirge-y, ritualistic and swampy blues that bring to mind The Birthday Party, Scratch Acid or, more recently, Australia's Slug Guts. Highly recommended stuff. Also make sure you check out the hammering thug-punk of France's Subtle Turnhips on their third album and first for Hozac.

Spotlight this week on the Not Not Fun affiliated 100% Silk label. It seems as if there is more than enough mutant disco, haunted R&B and chopped and screwed midnight soul for there to be an entire label dedicated to these hazy, late night dancefloor riddims. You can get these from most decent suppliers on the cheap (they're all 45rpm 12 inches that are housed in the exact same sleeve) and come highly recommended if you like what Amanda Brown, the head honcho of the label, does under her LA Vampires guise.

Fungi Girls "Owsley Knows" s/t 7" (Group Tightener) 2011
Kurt Vile "Jesus Fever" Smoke Ring For My Halo LP (Matador) 2011
Bitch Prefect "Marilyn Monroe" s/t 7" (RIP Society) 2011
Koban "Turn Him On" s/t 7" (Broadway To Boundary) 2011
K-Holes "Short Zippers" s/t LP (Hozac) 2011
Dizzy Eyes "Ay" Let's Break Up The Band 7" (Hardly Art) 2011
The Sticks "Under Pressure" Scrapes EP 7" (M'Ladys) 2011
Davilla 666 "Obsesiano" Tan Bajo LP (In The Red) 2011
Duchess Of Saigon "Zero Song" s/t LP (S-S) 2011
Los Llamarada "A Current" Restless Night 7" (S-S) 2011
Subtle Turnhips "Two Two" Terd Album LP (Hozac) 2011
Folded Shirt "Always Born That Way" F/S LP (Fashionable Idiots) 2011
Unholy Two "Sick Fuck" $kum Of The Earth (Columbus Discount) 2010
Metal Mountains "Orange Yellow" Golden Trees LP (Amish) 2011
Psychic Reality "Expla" Vibrant New Age LP (Not Not Fun) 2011
Samantha Glass "Sky Tricks" Celestial Night Queen CS (Not Not Fun) 2011
Tonetta "Get It Going" s/t 7" (Black Tent Press) 2011
Ital "Queens" s/t 12" (100% Silk) 2011
Cuticle "Towel" s/t 12" (100% Silk) 2011
Maria Minerva "Hagasuxzzavol" s/t 12" (100% Silk) 2011
The Deeep "Muddy Tracks" s/t 12" (100% Silk) 2011

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 86 here (right click link, then Save As)

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