Thursday, March 17, 2011

Episode 87

Fungi Girls "Glare #2" s/t 7" (Group Tightener) 2011
Bitch Prefect "Holiday In America" s/t 7" (RIP Society) 2011
Dan Melchior "Stairway To Croydon" Assemblage Blues LP (Siltbreeze) 2011
K-Holes "Gutter" s/t LP (Hozac) 2011
Crystal Swells "Patent Trolls" Goethe Head Soup CS (self released) 2011
Iceage "Never Return" New Brigade LP (Dais) 2011
Psychic Paramount "N6" II LP (No Quarter) 2011
Lumerians "Burning Mirrors" Transmalinnia LP (Knitting Factory) 2011
Follakzoid "Now" s/t 12" (Sacred Bones) 2011
Holydrug Couple "Arabic Hash" Ancient Lands 12" (Sacred Bones) 2011
Gypsy Treasures "Strawdogs Of Wroclaw" Buried Goods CS (Not Not Fun) 2011
High Wolf "Flowers Of Congo" Etoile 3030 CS (Not Not Fun) 2011
Peaking Lights "Hey Sparrow" 936 LP (Not Not Fun) 2011
Hype Williams "William, Shotgun Sprayer" One Nation 12" (Hippos In Tanks) 2011
Tonetta "Big Rig" Vol. 2 LP (Black Tent Press) 2011

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