Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 18

Ohh yes! New Sic Alps 7" is sitting nicely with their recent 2LP re-issue of "Long Way Around To A Shortcut", which compiles all them hard to snatch 7"s, 12"s and cassettes. The duo, now made a trio with the addition of Ty Segall, have been fairly quiet since "US EZ" dropped last year, though this rippin' new 7"er is fillin' all holes quite nicely. Pink vinyl via Slumberland. Snatch it up quick.

Hey, whaddyaknow? Amazing new band coming out of Portland!? Did not see that one coming. Seriously, what is in the water over there, kids? Anyhoo, the 3 ladies in Explode The Colors have managed to reign in elements of dub and post punk and then tossed in some melodica and head spinning drum work. You really gotta hear this one, asap. 'Nother 7" of theirs just dropped on KRS. Consider it on order! Oh hey, check out their blogspot page for some other merch, including a cassette.

Captured Tracks just can't seem to put out enough releases, luckily for us, most of 'em are pretty consistent. New Gary War sounds like, well, Gary War. If you can't get enough of his warbled space pop, then this 12" is for you. Best of the new batch, however, is a new 12"er by them ladies in Grass Widow (pictured at the top). Never managed to track down the LP on Make A Mess, but the tender and very memorable pop within this 12" has caused me to order up a whack of the re-press of said LP. Come by the shop in few weeks to snatch of 'em up.

The lovely people over at Fixture Records in Montreal just sent out a nice little package containing all their new releases. Seems as if the East Coast is having a a bit of an underground pop revival. I guess all those over-bloated East Coast powerhouse indie rock records released over the last few years have caused the kids to take it back to the bedroom and keep it nice 'n simple. CDs by both Freelove Fenner (Montreal) and Omon Ra (Halifax) are chock full of the warm 'n goopy stuff. Montreal's Dirty Beaches, on the other hand, has been steadily pumping out some woozy, fuzzy, lo-fi tape loops of the grimiest order. Watch out for a new cassette on Night People and a split 7" with US Girls. According to his myspace, looks like Dirty Beaches will be making their home in Vancouver very soon. Make sure to drop by Zulu and say hi!

Local musician and local musuc lover Tom Whalen (aka GR8 2000, 1/3 of Haunted Beard, guitarist/vocalist in Gross X-Mas, plus a few others I'm probably missing) has just released an amazing cassette-only compilation of twisted Vancouver electronic pop music. Featuring exclusive tracks by N. 213, MT-40, Cosmetics, Dandi Wind, and, of course, GR8 2000 himself. This cassette is an essential document of the here and now of underground Vancouver electronic pop. Not sure where you can cop this, but maybe Tom will be kind enough to bring some into the shop sometime soon...

Matt Mondanile and co. continue their 2009 onslaught with a coupla' new releases. Mondanile being the man behind Ducktails and his cohort Julian Lynch is in his psych dream pop band Real Estate. Lynch and Ducktails both have full length LPs on Olde English Spelling Bee, and the two also have a split 7" on the up and coming Underwater Peoples label. Lynch seems to be following in the beach worn footsteps of his comrade, as his debut LP features a lot of the same style of lo-fi, sun worn loops and effects. Not quite as grabbing as the Ducktails stuff, but worth a listen if that's yr thang. The Ducktails LP, however, is easily his best and most refined work to date. A lot of the listlessness of the Not Not Fun LP from earlier this year is gone and has been replaced by a much more concentrated work. 500 pressed, so don't sleep too long on it.

Veering far away from the beach and deep into a dank cellar prison is the new Wolf Eyes LP, which finally sees some vinyl action after being only available on CD for the last few months. Not quite as horror-scape-y as their last few Sub Pop albums, "Always Wrong" is a much more harsh outing. Fans of the "Stabbed In The Face" era should be content here.

Til next week...

Download Episode 18 here. (right click, then Save As)

Sic Alps "Super Lungs" Super Lungs 7" (Slumberland) 2009
Explode Into Colors "Coffins" s/t 7" (M'Lady) 2009
Grass Widow "Tattoo" s/t 12" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Gary War "Next Year" Galactic Citizens 12" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Freelove Fenner "Song For A New Elf" In The Bottle Garden CD (Fixture) 2009
Omon Ra "Aubade" Monolith 1 CD (Fixture) 2009
Dirty Beaches "The Death March" Horror LP CD (Fixture) 2009
Shearing Pinx "Hidden Now" s/t CS (Night People) 2009
N.213 "Meat Bend" Cool Sound Death CS (Vidkid) 2009
GR8-2000 "Hit By A Rock" Cool Sound Death CS (Vidkid) 2009
Julian Lynch "Venom" Orange You Glad LP (Olde English Spelling Bee) 2009
Ducktails "On The Boardwalk" Landscapes LP (Olde English Spelling Bee) 2009
Ducktails "Parasailing" split w/ Julian Lynch 7" (Underwater Peoples) 2009
Nudge "Two Hands" As Good As Gone LP (Kranky) 2009
Philip Jeck "A4.30" Spool CS (Tapeworm) 2009
Hanging Coffins "Monastil Disorders" s/t CS (Night People) 2009
Wolf Eyes "Cellar" Always Wrong LP (Hospital Productions) 2009
Wolf Eyes "Living Stone" Always Wrong LP (Hospital Productions) 2009

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