Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 17

Plenty of new gnarliness this week, including the ripping new 7" by New York's Drunk Driver. Somewhere along the lines of early Touch and Go'ers Killdozer and the current new breed of post-post AmRep aggressors (FNU Ronnies, Pissed Jeans, Mayyors, Twin Stumps), Drunk Driver are a steady stab to the ears for pigfuckers everywhere. Their collaboration with Mattin of Billy Bao is a clear indication of their of where their allegiance lay. Brand new LP on Parts Unknown should rank pretty high on the year end list. More on that one later.

After mucho hype on the new Charles Albright 7" on S-S (thanks again, DJ Rick!) I finally managed to scoop up some copies of the stunner. Not quite as brutal as some others played on the show this week, Albright, however, is a lot catchier. Should be enough ripping, buzzing guitars to fill yr hole.

New TV Ghost should satisfy fans of the more frightening releases of In The Red's past. Goth-y synth and sharp sounding guitar combo, combined with throat ripping vocals make for a spook of a listen.

Also managed to grip some copies of the new and limited Anals LP (hit me up in the comments for one of my last copies...) that has fulfilled the promise made on the Sweet Rot 7" from last year. Definite Brainbombs vibe on this one, and not just in the lyrics. The hard swinging rhythm section sound as if they're constantly on the very of flying out of the grooves and into gut. Essential '09'er.

Also from France, Crash Normal have dropped not just one but four new releases recently (get a hold of S-S for some of these, not to mention many other tasty tidbits in his distro section), but this 7"er on Plastic Idol takes the cake. Weirdo garage psych that oughta make a nice come down after being jilted by The Anals. Hit up S-S for all 4, whydoncha?

Finally snagged me a piece of the elusive Wizzard Sleeve and was well worth the wait. The squad from Mobile, Alabama and their whiplash garage have made quite the impression and I anticipate a mighty full length...soon?

One last Smmr Bmmr purchase made the playlist this week, and it comes from San Diego's Beaters, who, I believe, share members with Christmas Island. The A Side of this is a chugging number with a bassy, blurting synth and a great sing-a-long chorus. On repeat, please!

Also managed to scoop up the ultra limited new LP (100 copies, and not sold out!) by Chicago's Black Math. Kinda goth-y new wave synth rock that wouldn't sound outta place next to Echo & The Bunnymen, Legendary Pink Dots or even some Bauhaus. The LP is long gone but there is a new 7" available from Lost Space. Or, hey, you can download an older EP here (via the band's myspace).

In anticipation of Sweet Rot's first full length LP, I grabbed some copies of the newest cassette by Virginia's Nerve City. Not quite the amped up garage rockers I recall from their 10" on Kill Shaman, but much more in line with the downer garage blues of Pink Reason. Hey, we dig it. That LP should be dropping in the next few weeks. You'll hear all about it when it does.

After a few delays on my part, Sade Sade finally got some airplay on the show. Sade Sade is the new moniker of Gabe, formerly of Yellow Swans. Gabe has wasted no time since moving to Vancouver in spreading his infectiously positive attitude in the local noise and arts scene. Anyone familiar with Yellow Swans should feel right at home here with his brand new CDr released on his own Diadem Discos imprint. Only available at his shows, so check him out when you can.

Rale finally makes it to the vinyl format after several cassette releases on labels like Ekhein, Monorail Trespassing, Callow God, and Peasant Magik, just to name a few. Same concentrated blissgaze of electronics on those aforementioned cassettes, but the sound is a little more dense this time around, possibly due to the transfer to vinyl. Forthcoming LP due sometime soon on Static Aktion.

And, finally, we arrive at the brand new White Rainbow, which isn't out for another few weeks, but a demo was sent my way recently. Anyone who found themselves loving 2007's "Prism Of Eternal Now" should be delighted with "New Clouds". He has, however, strayed a bit from the full on ambient tracks of the past and added another couple layers of texture with hypnotic tape loops. RSTB says it best, "'New Clouds' runs slow motion Krautrock to the precipice of consciousness, grabs sine waves by the hands and then pushes them down a hill, rolling in repeated waves of dizzying swells."

'Til next week...

Download Episode 17 here. (right click, then Save As)

Drunk Driver "Fire Sale" Fire Sale 7" (Fashionable Idiots) 2009
Charles Albright "I Wanna Hold You" I'm On Drugs 7" (S-S) 2009
UV Race "Malaria" Malaria 7" (S-S) 2009
TV Ghost "The Network" Cold Fish LP (In The Red) 2009
The Anals "She's The Man" Total Anal LP (Permanent) 2009
Wizzard Sleeve "Witchmouth" split w/ Static Static 7" (Jeth Row) 2009
Crash Normal "Flying To NY" Flying To NY 7" (Plastic Idol) 2009
Beaters "Fishage" Fishage 7" (Single Screen/Volar) 2009
Black Math "Eyes Water" s/t LP (Permanent) 2009
Nerve City "On The Rise" Hell CS (Amateur Depression) 2009
Sade Sade "De-Escalation" Peaceful Protest CDR (Diadem Discos) 2009
Rale "Folding Bedroom" Whispering Gallery 12" (Arbor) 2009
White Rainbow "Tuesday Rollers And Strollers" New Clouds 2LP (Kranky) 2009
Anemones "I Am The Breeze" Come Down Like A Cloud LP (St. Ives) 2007


noconstructs said...

Thanks for posting this, Mark. I think I remember meeting you briefly at Smmr Bmmr. I play live in Christmas Island and Brian Island and I also play in Spirit Photography. Volar is my label, but we neither band shares any members with Beaters, they're just good friends of ours here in town. Keep up the great work, I'll be back here plenty.

Craig/Volar Records

hobotronix said...

Howdy. If you're still looking to get rid of an Anals LP, I'm interested.

Mark E. Rich said...

Sure. Will be $17USD plus the shipping.

Send me an email here at

and get me your details.