Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 15

Not a whole lot of time to write up reviews this week, as I'm getting ready to head out to Summer Bummer in Portland this weekend (sneak preview on this week's show). If I can, however, recommend one record this week, it's gotta be the brand new one from Billy Bao. Even harsher and more relentless than their full length from two years back, "May '08" is a monster akin to the g(l)ory days of Brainbombs. Since Mattin of Billy Bao is anti-copyright, you should be able to find this one for download somewhere out there, but I do recommend you snatch the vinyl up for maximum aural punishment.

That's it for this week. Full report on Summer Bummer when I get back.

Show will be uploaded later this week.

Cresting "Sashes" Waving Spades In The Air CDR EP (Fixture) 2009
Kurt Vile "I Wanted Everything" Meet The Philly Elite 4-way split 7" (Kraak) 2009
Woven Bones "Janie" Janie 7" (Needless) 2009
Womankind "untitled" unreleased CDR 2009
Pissed Jeans "Dream Smothers" King Of Jeans LP (Sub Pop) 2009
B-Lines "Crazy Glue" Burnt CDs 7" (Nominal) 2009

**Summer Bummer preview**
Meth Teeth "Failures Selected By God" s/t CS (self-release/re-issued by Night People) 2008/2009
Christmas Island "Morning Sunshine" split w/ Jonathan Reilly 7" (FDH) 2009
Box Elders "Stay" Alice & Friends LP (Goner) 2009
Ty Segall "Maria Stacks" split w/ Thee Oh Sees 7" (Castleface) 2009
Timecopz "Barely Alive" unreleased mp3 2009
Gestapo Khazi "Smoke Signals" s/t LP (Deadbeat Records) 2009
The Intelligence "Boys Annoy" Boys Annoy 12" (In The Red) 2006

Cold Cave "Cebe & Me" Love Comes Close LP (Heartworm) 2009
Prurient "Earthworks/Buried In Secret" Pleasure Ground CD (Load) 2006
Prurient/Cold Cave "Presomnal" Stars Explode CS (Hospital) 2009
Billy Bao "untitled" May '08 LP (Parts Unknown) 2009
AFCGT "Old Spy" Live April 24 2009 CDR (Fire Breathing Turtle) 2009
Explorers "Side A excerpt" Bermuda Telepaths LP (Not Not Fun) 2009

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