Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brown & Squim, A Story Of Rats, and Ahna. Tonight @ Little Mountain

Awesome drone show tonight at Little Mountain. Should start after 8pm.

From the mouth of Twee Death...


On Saturday, August 1st - that's tonight! - it's a night of deep drone/doom/ambient noise featuring Portland's Brown and Squim, Seattle's A Story of Rats, and Ahna.

Some of you may already be familiar with J. from Brown + Garek from A Story of Rats (also of Dull Knife) as two-thirds of drone-metal behemoth Tecumseh, who've released killer LPs on Important Records, Black Horizons + Anarchymoon Recordings. Here are some words on their projects from Keith Fullerton Whitman + the folks at Aquarius Records and The Wire:

Most shadowy + mysterious... weird and darkly evocative.

The perfect metallic drifting-off music, almost like they've discovered some new genre: sludge-ambient, doom-age... whatever you decide to call it, it's amazing + fans of all things slow motion, downtuned, and yes - heavy! will dig this big time.

Moments of Fennesz-ian clarity with misted atmosphere and granular environmental noise... very nice!

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