Friday, January 30, 2009

Hip Hop Fridays: Rascalz "Really Livin'" (1992)

Where did it all go wrong, Rascalz? You came out of nowhere in 1992 (originally called yourselves the Ragga Muffin Rascals) and dropped the underground, stoned-out classic that is "Really Livin,'" which has had beat-heads across the globe hunger for this hard-to-find debut. Then you disappeared for 5 years and came out with the over-hyped, over-played "Northern Touch" single, which garnered you a Juno Award that you eventually declined. But it's pretty much been all downhill from there. I suppose that we'll always have this debut.

After Maestro Fresh Wes dropped his two classic singles, "Conductin' Thangs" and "Let Your Backbone Slide," the door was suddenly opened for the lowly Canadian hip-hop artists, though, I must say, we haven't done much better since. Anyways, Rascalz answered the call on the West Coast with their blunted and heady "Really Livin'" debut. The duo are clearly indebted to Cypress Hill here, as fattened horns and thick bass dominate the production, not to mention gratuitous lyrics about THC love. Hardly the most original or inspiring album to come out at the time, but it's still stands as one of the greatest Canadian hip-hop albums, not that there's much competition.

Best Track: Migraine

Download "Really Livin'" here.

Video for "Really Livin'"

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