Friday, January 23, 2009

Hip Hop Friday: Mad\/illain 2 (2008)

The release of Mad\/illain 2 seemed to drop under the radar, most likely due to it initially being released as an itunes exclusive. Well, the album was considered good enough to press to wax, unfortunately no cover art was used and the 2LP set comes in an unsuspecting blank white sleeve. It's no matter because the beats contained within are almost as good as the original, with some being even better. This is no mere remix of the album, it's actually a complete reworking. Doom's rhymes stay the same, but a whole new fresh dropping of beats have been used. If this were to have been released as the first version of the album, there is no doubt that it still would've attained the same critical and fan acclaim. If you're already familiar with Madlib beats then you can expect the same tight, short samples and that distinctly shaky bass. There are also a few extra instrumental tracks to distance the album even further from the original. I would snatch this one up quick because I'm sure Stones Throw's people will be all over this once they find it (hence using the forward & back slashes to form the V). I tried to pick just 1 or 2 of my favorite tracks for previewing pleasure but just couldn't help myself.

You know the rest: you like it-- buy it. Though I would recommend copping it on vinyl, which, apparently, is in a limited run.

No Brain


Drainos (The reworking of this isn't as great as some of the others, but check out that piano loop that drops about 2 and half minutes in. Jaw dropping)

Boulder Holder

Fluid (Instrumental)

Snatch Part 1 here.

Scoop Part 2 here.


Anonymous said...

yes! thanks! i am stoked!

t-rocc said...

thank you for this, i had no idea it was out there at all!

Mark E. Rich said...

Yah, it's unfortunate that ST decided to just release this as an mp3 download and then a limited 2LP set with no cover. This truly is an outstanding album and deserves a wider, proper release.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I dont think the 2LP is actually Stones Throw, I think it's a bootleg. There's no ST logo on there, and it doesnt appear anywhere on their web site or store.