Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RV Paintings "Trinity Rivers" (2008) Root Strata, Edition of 500

RV Paintings is the side project of Bryan Pyle, who spends most of his time with the mystic duo known as Starving Weirdos. He's apparently accompanied by his two brothers. Unlike most of the Starving Weirdos work I've heard, RV Paintings is a much more focused affair and doesn't feature too much of the childlike noisemaking heard on many SW releases. Instead we have dark, industrial soundscapes created with glasses, field recordings, african slitdrum, and, errr "fog-like layers", as well as the usual suspects of instruments (drums, guitars etc). The silver and black cover represents the music within quite well; dark, dreamlike looping drones that slowly layer themselves on top of one another, whirring and skittering above your head as you float down a black river of unease. Metallic squeaks and lapping waves juxtapose to create an environment of cold anxiousness. From the same label that brought you Barn Owl's "Raft of Serpents" and Grouper's "Cover the Windows and Walls." Highly recommended.

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