Sunday, August 17, 2008

Expo '70 "Animisim", "Audio Archive 001 and 002" (Kill Shaman) 2008

Expo '70 is the (usually) one man drone project of Justin Wright, who hails from unlikely Kansas City, USA. The man has been churning out CDRs for about four years now, and each successive release has improved upon the last.

Animism is the most recent full length from this one man drone juggernaut and is perhaps the darkest material he has pumped out yet. The album starts off in the shadowy mountain passages of Tangerine Dream but soon picks up and sets its sights for the dark matter of the great kosmiche in the stars. An amped up, more chugging version of Sunn O))) is an apt comparison for the middle section of the record. After an intense mid-section, Animism slowly unfurls in a mess of dark and droning synths, interrupted occasionally by drawn out and buzzy riffage. One can't help but be imagine floating listlessly in the cosmos when listening to this one.


Audio Archive 001

Audio Archive 002
The next 2 releases are collections of unused material from 2006-2007. If you check out the Expo '70 discogs page, one can tell that the man is busy if he has this much unreleased material from the last two years alone. These definitely aren't throwaways, however, the tracks don't gel together as well as the more thematic Animisim or his previous full lengths. Most of the tracks presented on these two releases flit between intense organ drone-outs, buzzing acoustic ragas, solo guitar space launches, and haunting voodoo theremin experiments, all of which show the vast range of drone styles that Justin has quickly mastered. Song titles like Summoning The Cosmos, Psalm Of The Universe, White Magic At Dawn and Ghost Vapors ought to give you a sense of what he's reaching for.

Expo '70 is hardly breaking any new ground, in fact he's treading on territory that has been explored for almost 40 years. What I think is impressive is his ability to pay homage to so many varying styles of the same theme while also bringing his own unique, updated touches.

Audio Archive 001 DOWNLOAD HERE
Audio Archive 002 DOWNLOAD HERE

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Thanks sooooooooooooooooo much! This is an amazing post Expo '70 is really hard to track down and you have included some of the better albums. Keep killin it!