Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Blog Scrawlings

Ex-co-worker and fellow hip hop connoisseur, Sam "Biggie Samuels" Macklin, had enlisted me to pen the write ups for his newest hip hop mix. I must admit, despite there being a slight lack of rarities (a challenge has been issued by him on this matter. More on that at a later date), this is a super-solid mix of 90s hip-hop classics and underrated joints. His special lady friend wrote the notes to his other mix and was bit more personal, and thus, funnier than mine. I think I took it a bit more serious than necessary but that is just how I can get when dissecting hip hop. Whatever. Peep it, yo!

Link is here

Sam lives here
Check on him regularily. He likes to blarg.

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Bjorn said...

Good commentary. My piss-poor hip-hop knowledge is enriched again.