Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stars of the Lid-Seattle. Whole Show!

As promised, here is the entire Stars of the Lid show from April 18 in Seattle. The show was recorded, cut into tracks, and edited for fidelity by my good friend Adrian. Thanks for getting this to me so fast. This is a high quality rip @320. Adrian has pulled out some annoying background noise and cleaned this puppy up. It sounds fucking awesome.

1. Intro by Adam Wiltzie
2. Fratres (Arvo Part cover)
3. Requiem For Dying Mothers Parts 1 and 2
4. Even If You're Never Awake
5. Syriana Suite (Alexandre Desplat cover)
6. December Hunting For Vegetarian Fuckface
7. Tippy's Demise

Part 1

Part 2

As an added bonus I have included a rip of the very first Stars of the Lid full length, Music For Nitrous Oxide, which has been out of print for many years. These are all 4 track recordings dating from 1993-1994. The album was released on Austin based Sedimental records in 1995. The work here is, what I would guess you would call, lo-fi ambient. The warmth of tape hiss envelopes these recordings and lend it a dirtier, Texan feel, which is exponentially noticable when compared to their incredibly clean, orchestrated work of the last ten years. Overall, a great peek into the beginnings of a band that would soon become a huge stepping stone in the world of ambient.

This is the original press release that came with promos of the album.

"Sedimental announces the first CD from Austin drone stars Stars of the Lid, an amazing 4-track recording that is created in the spirit of Eno, Main, and Spacemen 3. Produced without keyboards, this lo-fi ambient journey employs predominately guitar, avoiding typical rock elements while still possessing the “home” recorded feel of so much independent music.

Being based in Austin, a town loaded with so many heavy guitar bands, one wonders how they came to make such hypnotic and engaging sounds. Especially when Stars mastermind Adam Wiltzie is involved with so many “rock” bands himself, having recorded Ed Hall’s Motherscratcher and its forthcoming release, the Flaming Lips Peel Sessions, as well as running sound for Bad Livers, and Doo Rag tours. Citing Cage, Spacemen 3, Robert from Main and Loop, nitrous oxide, and Bedhead as artistic inspirations, he also comments the group is a reaction against the “muscle” rock and C&W that dominates the Austin music scene and a way to withdraw from it.

The group (un)officially formed when Adam met Brian at KTSB during Brian’s long running overnight radio program of subtle collaging of multiple sources into spacey otherness. Finding kindred creative spirits to share inspiration, and recreational drugs, they began their reclusive recording endeavors.

Despite their current unknown status, we at Sedimental were so impressed by the music of Stars of the Lid , we felt it worthy of our first CD release. After giving this a few listens(especially the brilliant trio of tracks 7,8, and 9), we are sure you will think they belong on the same plateau as EAR, Labradford, Main, and Organum."

DOWNLOAD HERE-------->This was taken down at the request of Adam Wiltzie himself. Apparently NO2 makes him wanna puke when he thinks about and has asked me to remove it. Guess we won't be seeing a vinyl reissue of this any time soon... Send me a shout if you NEED to hear this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rip!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the concert rip! I absolutely loved Fratres. Can't wait to hear the performance in context.

a d r i a n said...

Music for Nitrous Oxide just got a new mastering job with fresh artwork and packaging. It's out now on Sedimental, just in case this one slipped by the expressway radar undetected. Scoop it up regardless.