Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Episode 115

Ducktails "Couch Surfer" Killin' The Vibe 12" (New Images) 2011
White Rainbow "Captain Sandwich Patrol" Lays Down The Boogie, mp3 (self released)
Astral Social Club "Wishaw" Generator Breaker LP (Dekorder) 2011
Driphouse "Dots" Spectrum 008 LP (Spectrum Spools) 2011
Tuusanuuskat "Tippa 1" Naaksaa Naa Mun Kyyneleet LP (Fonal) 2011
High Wolf "Raagini" Atlas Nation LP (Holy Mountain) 2011
Innercity "Side II (excerpt)" Boy In Forest Trying to Hotwire the Earth CS (Not Not Fun) 2011
Rambutan "Unknown Companion" 4-way split w/Lee Noble, Hobo Cubes and Derek Rogers CS (Deep Tapes) 2011
Hobo Cubes "Untitled II" HC HV VHS VHS (Hooker Vision) 2011
Lee Noble "Indian Princess" Horrorism LP (Bathetic) 2011
Father "Invisible Cindy" The Return of Father CS (Root Strata) 2011
Isabelle Ducasse "Waxed Taciturn of Temper" s/t LP (Blackest Rainbow) 2011
Radiant Husk "side 1 excerpt" Optics CS (Brunch Groupe) 2011
Angels In America "Follow Me Out" Narrow Road to the Interior LP (Ehse) 2011
Nate Young "Come Unbidden" Stay Asleep (Sleep Regression Vol 2) LP (NNA) 2011
Christine Vantzou "Small Choir" No. 1 LP (Kranky) 2011

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