Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 84

Apologies for the lack of posts, listeners. Just got settled into a new home and I'm finally hooked back up to the internet. You'll see updates of the last previous 4 episodes below this post. Unfortunately, a few of the shows have been lost in the digital ether. Things should be getting back to normal 'round here, so do some catching up.

This week's episode features an interview with a few friends who are putting on a video installation/live show at W2. Local favorites like Channels 3 & 4 and Magneticring are playing, among a few others. There will also be some DJs and, of course, video projections from local artists. Should be an immersive experience. Check more on that here, or listen to the episode and get some first hand info.

Weed "Release Party" Down In The Valley EP CS (Orchid Tapes) 2011
Jeans Wilder "Blanket Mountain" Nice Trash LP (Atelier Ciseaux/La Station Radar) 2011
Dirty Beaches "Lord Knows Best" Badlands (Zoo Music) 2011
Pheromoans "Cruel Humans" It Still Rankles LP (Convulsive) 2011
Channels 3 & 4 "Input Select" Christianity LP (Gilgongo) 2010
Deaf Wish "Elementary" Mercy LP (Radio) 2010
Deaf Wish "VHS And Cheese" Mercy LP (Radio) 2010
The Sticks "Come Back" Scrapes EP 7" (M'Lady's) 2010
N. 213 "Future Hair" Faggotry CS (Islolated Now Waves) 2011
Teenage Panzerkops "Hooks On The Sky" Kauf Nicht Von CS (Campaign For Infinity) 2011
Butcher Cover "Modfucker" s/t LP (Rotted Tooth) 2011
Baby Tears "She Sells Eggs" Hot Lettuce CS (Doom Town) 2011
Timecopz "Get Away" split w/Fist City 7" (Geographing) 2011
AV Murder "Caveman Disco" Missile Command EP 7" (Dusty Medical Records) 2008
Robe & Allied "side A" Yes Less Good Past Vol. 1 CS (Modern Arrangements) 2011
Haunted Beard "Prehistoric Breakthrough" Deathbed Video CD (Unit Structure) 2011 *forthcoming
Giant Claw "I Know" Midnight Murder CS (Orange Milk Recordings) 2011

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