Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 75

Dirty Beaches "True Blue" s/t 7" (Zoo Music) 2010
Kurt Vile "Sad Ghost" In My Time 7" (Matador) 2010
Purling Hiss "Beautiful Earth Creature" Public Service Announcement LP (Woodsist) 2010
Edgar Wappenhalter "Missing Heights" On The Beach LP (Morc) 2010
The Young "Captive Chains" Voyagers Of Legend LP (Mexican Summer) 2010
Fist City "Debbie Get YR Boa" Hunting You LP (Deadbeat) 2010
Big Black Cloud "Blow Up France" Dark Age LP (Stankhouse) 2010
Subtle Turnhips "Bog" Terd LP (Hozac) 2010
Dads "Banana Twinz" Hats Creek 7" (Katorga Works) 2010
Peaking Lights "Birds Of Paradise" split w/Wet Hair 7" (Not Not Fun) 2010
LA Vampires/Matrix Metals "Berlin Baby" So Unreal LP (Not Not Fun) 2010
Rangers "Bride Of Marin" split w/Ducktails 7" (Not Not Fun) 2010
Sex Worker "Telephone" split w/Psychic Reality 7" (Not Not Fun) 2010
Hype Williams "Rescue Dawn II" Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Getting Real LP (De Stijl) 2010
Tassels "The Invisible College Of Autodiactics" The Rosicrucians CS (Digitalis) 2010
No UFOs "MC 1 (excerpt)" Mind Control (Dub Ditch Picnic) 2010
Blank Realm "Crystal Ball" Deja What? LP (Bedroom Suck) 2010
aTelecine "A Cassette Played" A Cassette Tape Culture LP (Pendu Sound Recordings) 2010

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