Friday, September 10, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 63

Haven't been this pleasantly miffed by an album like this in some time. Hype Williams, a duo based out of the UK (not the guy responsible for this) who have recent seven inches on De Stijl and Second Layer, plus a cassette on the Pop Drones regular, Goaty Tapes (issued under their Paradise Sisters moniker), have released their thus far defining statement with this new LP on Carnivals Records. Blending samples of exotic instruments with blunted beatwork, warbled keyboards, and the occasional vocal appearance, then smothered in a thick and hazy lo-fi production, Hype Williams have concocted a new strain of hypnagogic pop that, well, pretty much drops the pop out of the equation and ups the hypnagognic end. This looks to be sold out at the source, but Fusetron have a few copies left. If you miss out on this, you certainly won't have to wait long for the next release: a 12" is due on De Stijl in November, followed by another on HIT.

Unnatural Helpers "Useful Things" Cracked Love & Other Drugs LP (Hardly Art) 2010
Kitchen's Floor "Dead Shits" Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress LP (Bedroom Suck) 2010 *reissue of 2009 CD issued by RIP Society
Big Troubles "Desire For A Certain Thing" s/t LP (Olde English Spelling Bee) 2010
Hype Williams "Untitled 7" Untitled LP (Carnivals) 2010
Holy Strays "The Waves" Hyperion CS (Not Not Fun) 2010
Topaz Rags "Crown Center" Crown Center 7" (Not Not Fun) 2010
Swanox "Dawnrunner" Dawnrunner CS (Not Not Fun) 2010
Bitchin Bajas "Zone 3" Tones/Zones Lp (Important) 2010
Guilty Ghosts "Renee" Enigma Variations CS (Words+Dreams) 2010
80 (Sun) "Naom (excerpt)" s/t CS (Mayan Chorus) 2010
Josh Burke "Omni Bay" Prana LP (Aguirre) 2010
Pale Blue Sky "Someday" split w/Cloaked Light 12" (Arbor) 2010
Eleh "Repose" Repose one-sided LP (Important) 2010

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 63 here (right click link, then Save As)

**update** there is no sound for episode 63 or 62 right now, though the issue is being worked on. Check back here later this week.

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