Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 54

Excellent new(ish) full length on the unstoppable Fan Death Records comes courtesy of Baltimore's Pfisters. Heavy Jesus Lizard influence on this one, which mostly comes courtesy of their guitarists' demented, almost country-ish twang combined with clean, melodic guitar lines. Though the singer definitely has a bit of the slurry Yow thing going on too. Narcicity is the kinds of record that barely gives you time to breath, streaming from one end to the next. Sadly, got to this one a little late, as it looks to be sold out from the label, but some fine distros and shops ought to have this one still.

After Vile's disappointing debut LP for Matador (there was something about Childish Prodigy that seemed forced), the Philly songsmith has relaxed a bit and dropped an unexpected EP that drifts along as effortlessly as those early recordings that we fell for in the first place. Square Shells is actually more hazy and dreamy than any of his preceding records. An excellent follow-up to a disappointing full length.

Excellent batch of new material over at Night People. Sleep Over make an eerie, almost goth-like smear of shoegaze electronics. Featured on the excellent Dark As Night comp on Bathetic. The kids have something going here, so stay tuned...

Birthed from Olympia, the same city that brought us Broken Water, the unfortunately monikered Lazer Zeppelin are also grafting some interesting sounds together. Mainly a honky tonk stomp blown out into a heavy psych whirlwind. Can't wait for some higher fidelity recordings.

Rene Hell, who has also released music under the moniker Marble Sky, Secret Abuse, Impregnable and a few more, has two new releases under the moniker and this tape for Night People is the best of the label's new batch. Here's what NP had to say

"Will anyone ever fully catch on, be able to keep track of, or catch up with Jeff Witscher’s mysterious output? like trying to understand alien technology, like feeling space and time itself like a drug, this cassette of new Rene Hell material falls easily amongst Witscher's best offerings and falls like a prelude to his upcoming LP on Type. An intense abyss of ambiguous voices, decaying rhythm tracks, synth ambience, super hi fi production and panning techniques, Baroque Arcade endlessly stretches out from the speakers like some new world being born."

Definitely recommended for fans of the new breed of synth heroes, including Oneohtrix Point Never and Emeralds (both on this week's show). This tape is still available and so is the excellent LP on Type. Snatch 'em up

Kurt Vile "Invisibility: Non-Existent" Square Shells 12" (Matador) 2010
Altar Eagle "Lazy Circles In The Sky" Vintage Cats CS (Digitalis) 2010
Miracles Club "untitled (?)" Light Of Love 12" (self released) 2010
Lazer Zeppelin "Highway Hypnosis" Pyramid Echo CS (Night People) 2010
Sleep Over "Your World Is Night" s/t CS (Night People) 2010
Nu Sensae "Passing The Word" TV, Death and the Devil LP (Nominal) 2010
The Men "Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition" LP (self released) 2010
Pfisters "Drag" Narcicity LP (Fan Death) 2010
Psychedelic Horsehit "Modern Daze" Acid Tape CS (Fan Death) 2010
Rene Hell "M. Far" Baroque Arcade CS (Night People) 2010
Rene Hell "IV 18 54" Porcelain Opera LP (Type) 2010
Emeralds "Lake Effect Snow" s/t 7" (Wagon/Gneiss Things) 2010
Emeralds "The Cycle Of Abuse" s/t 7" (Wagon/Gneiss Things) 2010
Oneohtrix Point Never "Where Does Time Go?" Returnal LP (Editions Mego) 2010
Faceplant "untitled" Get High and Listen CS (Catholic Tapes) 2009

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 54 here (right click link, then Save As)

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