Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 35

Took a while but I finally managed to lay my hands on the Fungi Girls 12" on Play Pinball!, which is actually a re-issue of a cassette release on Animal Image Search. Three kids from suburban Texas re-imagine JAMC's Darklands as if it had been made in the repressive heat of their hometown. Plenty more releases on the way, with Group Tightener releasing a 7 inch and Psychic Lunch dropping a split 7 inch with Vancouver's own Indian Wars.

SF's Awesome Vistas awakens after a a year long slumber. Past releases by Thee Oh Sees and Sic Alps were sold out damn near instantly, while underrated records by Linda Hagood and Dragging An Ox Through Water went mostly overlooked. I get the feeling that these two newest releases will probably receive the same ignorance, which is really a shame because both LPs sound as good as their hand silkscreened sleeves look. Flower Of Flesh and Blood features labelhead and artist Chris Johanson forming a trio with fellow SF'ers and attempting to ignite a slowcore revival. Is features an all-star cast with Tara Jane O'Neil, Sam Coomes (Quasi), Tom Greenwood (Jackie O Motherfucker), Sara Lund (Unwound), and Nick Bindeman (Acre). Together they create two side-long, slow building, creepy atmospheric pieces that were meant to accompany a Chris Johanson art exhibit. Highly recommened stuff. Check AQ for a copy.

That's all we have time for this week. 

Oh hey, local listeners can catch me playing some of these tracks, plus a ton more, live at the Honey Lounge (1 Alexander Street ) on Honey Lung Thursdays alongside DJ Rundownsun Sound System.  

Fungi Girls "Dystopic Vision" Seafaring Pyramids 12" (Play Pinball!)
Flower Of Flesh and Blood "Let It Die" High Life LP (Awesome Vistas)
Blessure Grave "In The First Place" s/t 7" (Holidays)
Druid Perfume "Weird Wally Wigwam" s/t 7" (M'Lady's/Italy)
Unnatural Helpers "Confidence" split w/Intelligence 7" (Dirty Knobby)
Flight "My Business" s/t 10" (Kill Shaman)
Flight "Feels So Good" s/t 7" (Hozac)
Tee Pee "Oh Mercy" s/t 7 " (Hozac)
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin "High School" Reverse Shark Attack 12" (Kill Shaman)
Tommy Jay Band "Bug Men" Skull Without Borders comp. 10" (Siltbreeze)
Sic Alps "Clarence" Skull Without Borders comp. 10" (Siltbreeze)
Kurt Vile & the Violators "Denial" Skull Without Borders comp. 10" (Siltbreeze)
Topaz Rags "Mindpower" Capricorn Born Again LP (Not Not Fun)
Twinsistermoon "Druid's Sun" Hollow Mountain CD (Blackest Rainbow) *reissue of Dull Knife LP
Is "Side A, untitled" s/t LP (Awesome Vistas)
Rusalka & Burrow Owl "untitled" untitled 3"cdr (self released)

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 35 here (right click, then Save As)

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