Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 25

Captured Tracks continues to dominate 2009 (and our wallets) with their relentless release schedule of mostly top notch bands, most of whom have never released a thing. One of their best finds so far is Toronto's Bitters, who already have the amazing summer hit Warrior off their Wooden Glove 12". They follow up that great EP with an anthemic double-shot. Plenty of new material is on the way, too, including a 12" for Sacred Bones and a full length for Woodsist.

Also new from Captured Tracks this week is another Oh Sees album, which I got into here already. Anyone expecting the same amped-up garage stompers will be caught off guard by the weird and warm end of the pool that Thee Oh Sees are now wading in. A nice left turn when most were expecting them to keep plowing forward.

That Ganglians 7" is sitting nicely, too. A very necessary chunk of warm Cali pop in these days of relentless rain and grey that accompanies Vancouver for the next 5 months or so.

Oh hey, that Silver Pines CDr I raved about months back has made it to vinyl! Thanks to AQ for for stocking that one.

The Pop Drones show is normally dedicated to playing current music from the DIY underground and beyond, but when this cassette of an unknown group supposedly from the 60s came through the mail, I just had to share it. The Van Patterson Quartet, who play a shredding live set of organ-led psych garage on this release, are a bit of a mystery. No one seems to know a damn thing about them, and the only info online concerns finding out who the group was/is. The general consensus is that they didn't actually exist and this is a bit of ruse, which would make sense with the mysterious Tape Worm label. Though this may be out of print, I would highly recommend all fans of psych, past and present, to seek out a copy of this.

DOWNLOAD Episode 25 here. (right click, then Save As)

The Bitters "East" s/t 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
The Splinters "Splintered Bridges" s/t 7" (Double Negative) 2009
Ganglians "Blood On The Sand" s/t 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Thee Oh Sees "The River Rushes (To Screw Me Over)" Dog Poison LP (Captured Tracks) 2009
Silver Pines "Timefather" Forces LP (Light Lodge) 2009 (re-issue of CDR)
Bronze "Sides" s/t 10" (Hobo Jungle) 2009
Factums "When" Flowers LP (Sacred Bones) 2009
The Pink Noise "Drab" Graffiti Youth LP (Kill Shaman) 2009
No Balls "untitled" s/t 7" (Diskad) 2009
Barn Owl "Ancient Of Days" The Conjurer LP (Root Strata) 2009
The Van Patterson Quartet "Part One (excerpt)" Live At F.W. (Tapeworm UK) 2009
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer "untitled" Dead Death, Death Dead LP (Troubleman Unlimited) 2009
The Jesus Lizard "Mouth Breather" Mouth Breather 7" (Touch & Go) 1990 *request*

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