Monday, October 26, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 23

Ohhhhh, so sorry friends. Thee Expressway has been all kinds of busy these days and the blog has taken a real nosedive in updates. I'm here this week to help remedy that, so why don't we start off with a real quick rundown of Episode 23. The podcast can no longer be uploaded, so you'll just have to click them links to get a taste of what could've been.

Mentioned it here before but I just can't pry the newest tapes from Justin Wright's (aka Expo 70) new Sonic Meditations label from the decks. Umberto is a nice Goblin-style synth guru who would've fit in real nice alongside thee most infamous of Italian horror film shredders. Perfect soundtrack fer scarin' up the kiddies this Hallow's Eve.

Sounding The Deep have also been scooped up by Mr. Wright for the label and do they ever sit well with thee sonic rumblings of Expo 70. Anyone out there who likes their drone-doom in the slow, cinematic and glacial pace oughta be prickin' their ears up fer these fellers. Beautiful submersion.

Iowa City's Night People label show no signs of slowing down. Those gorgeous handmade LPs are coming out a little faster these days, but the cassettes are proving tough to keep up with. New one by Hochman & Hopkins (featuring Matthew Hopkins from Naked on the Vague) is an excursion into a brown rainbow of synth belches and farts. Took a few listens to really wrap my skull around, but it's proven to be a winner.

Okay, wrappin' er this week with the new one by D.A.(pictured at the top), an LA-via-Texas synth duo who, apparently, were totally unaware of the current vintage synth revival found in groups like Emeralds, Oneohtrix Point Never, Infinity Window, or Caboladies. Not that it's hard to miss these contemporaries, but the two kids musta had their heads down like Schroeder when they were conjurin' up the ghosts of Cluster, Eno and Tangerine Dream. We come out the winners in their ignorance, because this LP is rankin' well alongside all those new LPs by the above mentioned without soundin' like their rippin' 'em off wholesale.

Okay, Episode 24 comin' tomorrow, and then Episode 25 airs this Wednesday.

Umberto "Running Blade" From The Grave... CS (Sonic Meditations) 2009

Sounding The Deep "Cosmic Shore" Glacier CS (Sonic Meditations) 2009

Hochman & Hopkins "Peace Sausage" Live NYE CS (Night People) 2009

Weirding Module "Untitled Side A Excerpt" Timew33d CS (Night People) 2009

D.A. "The Owl" Odeon LP (Olde English Spelling Bee) 2009

Robedoor "Magic Tar Pit Ride" Exorcist Blues CS (Monorail Tresspassing) 2009

Infinite Body "And Will It Matter" split w/Emaciator LP (Monorail Trespassing) 2009

Spencer Davis "Side A excerpt" It Is Here CS (self released) 2009

ELEH "Homage To The Sine Wave" Side B LP (Taiga) 2009

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a d r i a n said...

infinite body, ELEH and D.A. all in the same set. P(r)op(s) Drones.