Friday, June 26, 2009

Zulu's Melting Wax Sale! Saturday, June 27th and Sunday June 28th

I don't normally post too much about the goings-on here at Zulu Records, but we are having a massive Summer sale this weekend that is not to be missed. As if 20% off all new LPs wasn't enough, we're also dropping 30% off all Collectors and Used vinyl. That's right, all those rare punk 7"s that were somewhat out of reach are now looking a lot more feasible. Plenty of items that I've wholesaled and brought into the store will also be looking a lot cheaper. Come by and pick up Thee Oh See's "Zork's Tape Bruise" LP, Ducktails "s/t" LP, Emeralds "Allegory Of Allergies" 2LP, Sun Araw LPs and plenty of other goodies are now cheap as hell. Break open the piggy bank, kiddies. See you this weekend.

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