Friday, April 17, 2009

Hip-Hop Fridays: Main Source "Fuck What You Think"

Released in 1994, "Fuck What You Think" is the second and final album from Main Source, and, unfortunately, doesn't feature Large Professor, who was a major part of their underground smash "Breaking Atoms". The group, however, still manage to hold their own without Large Professor on the production. K-Cut, who took over production on the album, picks up on the obscure jazz and soul tip that Large Professor had provided for the debut. Check The Breaks sample sources for a taste. Oddly enough, the lead single off the album, 'What You Need', caught the ear of Madonna and she quickly used it as a sample for her 1994 single 'Human Nature' (both tracks posted below), though it failed to crack the top 40. Anyways, consider "Fuck What You Think" a primer for next week's post, which will be Main Source's debut.

'What You Need'

'Human Nature' by Madonna, which samples the above 'What You Need'

Download "Fuck What You Think" here.

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