Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Captured Tracks Debut Releases....Pre-Order Now!

Blank Dogs/Mike Sniper enthusiasts gather round. The first two releases on Mike Sniper's (dude behind Blank Dogs) new label, Captured Tracks, has just announced the pre-order on his myspace page. First two releases are by Dum Dum Girls (regular readers will remember my gushing here), who also have a highly anticipated (at least by me) 7" due out in the first installment of the HoZac singles club, while the other is a brand new 12"er by Blank Dogs himself! $40 in Canada (cheaper elsewhere) will nab you both plus the shipping. The label is looking to absolutely dominate in 2009; upcoming releases by Repairs (gothic-kraut weirdos from Australia), Woods, Gary War (another warbled bedroom loner akin to Sniper), The Fresh and Onlys (SF crew who just dropped a stunner of a 7" on Chuffed and are currently on tour with Thee Oh Sees...do yrself a favor and listen to "Disoriented Youth" on their myspace), Christmas Island (upcoming split 7"s with Meth Teeth and Wavves should get these guys noticed), and Toronto's Little Girls (who also have an upcoming 12" on the amazing Mexican Summer label), just to name a few, should have the underground nerds and collector scum across the globe salivating. There are a few other bands listed in the upcoming releases list that I've yet to come across. Sniper must have his ear glued to the ground because he is digging deeeep for this label. Get stoked, people.

Posted below you'll find a download of release #000 of Captured Tracks, which is a CDR of noisy noisy Blank Dogs tracks. Managed to track down this elaborately packaged and limited to 200 CDR from the mighty fusetron.

If you thought the tracks on "The Fields" 12" or any of his miscellaneous 7"s were distorted and static-ridden, then your ears will positively bleed after contact with this harsh EP. He still maintains a hooky chorus or two, but, for the most part, this is so coated in static, hiss and feedback that it seems he is intent on alienating some of the listeners who may have picked up on the grooves of those easy-going releases. Not sure what to expect with this upcoming 12" but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

"Death Jumpers"

Download "Captured Tracks Vol. 1" here.

Pre-Order those two 12"s here.

PS. there are, as of today, less then 40 subscriptions left for the HoZac singles club.

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